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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

  • STAINLESS STEEL STORAGE BIN: The system comprises a Feed Hopper and Conveyor leading to a Bucket Elevator, which is mobile with a common discharge conveyor. It has a holding capacity of 4 tons and is equipped with a digital weighment system for precise measurements.
  • BATCH WEIGHER FOR TEA PACKING: The batch weigher features a vibratory platform and a pneumatic weighment system with capacities ranging from 25 to 70 kgs. It includes a spill-proof bucket elevator, ensuring robust construction and accurate weighment. Additionally, it incorporates a vacuum system for enhanced functionality.
  • ‘PAKALOT’ Paper Sack Leveller: Specially designed for handling of Tea Filled Paper sacks. Paper sack will travel through the conveyors on Top and Bottom controlled by pneumatically operated Cylinders. The pressure air cylinders are provided at the sides for compression, the pressure will be applied to the Paper sack gradually while travelling and at the end of 5 meters travel, the Paper Sack will be flattened.
  • VACUUM BAG LIFTER: Vacuum bag lifter, which aims to facilitate the work of movement of the paper bags from the vibrator to the assembly of pallets. This work is currently carried out by operators, in case of using the rig tires would use only one operator for this operation & physical injury as a result of heavy lifting is avoided.
  • TRUCK LOADING CONVEYOR: This tea bag loading system streamlines the process of loading and transporting tea bags onto trucks for stacking at elevated locations. It features caster wheels for easy mobility, simple height adjustment, robust construction, and impressive heavy load carrying capacity, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.
  • AUTOMATIC FF5 MACHINE (PPJ9J): Automatic FES Machine Clutch Break with PLC control Pneumatic sealing system, pneumatic batch coding with Adjustable Telescopic SS disc & cup to pack Tea dust 200 & 500 gms in laminated poly pouches Machine speed: 20-30 pkts/min
  • AUTOMATIC FF5 MACHINE (PP 141): Automatic FFS Machine with Electronic Photocell, Mechanical batch coding with Adjustable Telescopic SS disc & cup to pack tea dust in laminated poly pouches Capacity ranges 15,25,50gm & 50,100gm Machine Speed: 40-50 pkts/min
  • GUSSET TYPE POUCH PACKING MACHINE(PP 301): Fully automatic FFS Machine with PLC Control COLLAR TYPE, pneumatic bottom sealing with Pneumatic batch coding system, Pneumatic batch cutting with High speed telescopic adjustable SS Disc & Cup (Volumetric filling system to pack tea, Laminated Gusset Poly pouches in the following ranges: 100 GM, 250 GM, 500 GM & 250 GM, 500 GM, 1000 GM Machine speed: 30-40 pkt/min
  • VACUUM PACKING SYSTEM: This is the vacuum packaging machine used in “tea industry” for packing CTC dust — up to 35-40 kgs. The powder can be filled into a 5 layer nylon co-extruded bag (vacuum bag) kept in a rectangular hopper (forgiving shape ).The filling can be performed using a semi automatic filling machine (Weigh metric). The vertical vacuum packaging machine performs evacuation, gas flushing (upto 2 gases — if required ), sealing operations.
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