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Optical Color Sorter

Optical Color Sorter

Engaged in the intelligent sorting industry for nearly 30 years in the leading position, Meyer is committed to providing intelligent and professional sorting solutions for customers. To improve the “performance, reliability and other key indicators of products, Meyer Research & Manufacture Innovation Platform is built. It aims to create a high-level R&D talent team, increase investment in technology innovation, strengthen engineering, promote intelligent manufacturing, thus making Meyer color sorter the best.

The tea business environment is said to be more competitive with dynamic changes of customers in their preferences. To produce high quality tea but fewer cost is the common wish of each tea processor. With the concept of “quality first, customers foremost”, Meyer pioneers the whole tea processing detection solutions. It covers fresh tea leaf sorting, raw tea sorting, high-end tea classification, impurity detection and removal and packaged products detection. Meyer guarantees the tea quality and creates higher benefits for tea enterprises.

Propelled by technical innovation and enhanced reliability, we strive to be increasingly intelligent.

  • Recognition System
  • Sniper System
  • Intelligent System
  • Interactive System
Category: Orthodox & Green Tea Machinery
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