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Sorting Machines

Sorting Machines

  • MYDDLETON: This is a reciprocal movement, double tray sorter. It is fitted with dimpled trays with perforations. The sizes of perforation vary from 3 mm diameter to 9 mm dia. It is used in the primary grading to separate long leaf from ‘brokens’ from the drier mouth tea. Subsequently it is used to sort different sizes of whole leaf and also bolder broken grades based upon the size of perforations.
  • HEXAGONAL GOOGIE: This is a conical Hexagonal Sorter which may have two or more mesh sizes. This machine is used for grading of different types of whole leaf grades, such as SFTGFOPS, TGFOP, OP Etc.
  • ROTARY SORTER: This is a multi-deck sorter with a rotary movement on a horizontal axis fitted with different size of steel meshes – used to grade all the ‘brokens’ ‘fannings’ and dust
  • WINNOWER: This machine uses the principle of air velocity for cleaning and separating the flakes from the heavy tea. It is used in final cleaning of graded teas.
  • TEA CUT OR BREAKER: This is tea breaker where in the large leaf particles of dry tea are passed between two cylindrical rollers to provide a breaking action of size the tea.
Category: Orthodox & Green Tea Machinery
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