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WIZARD Continuous Withering System

WIZARD Continuous Withering System

The Wizard is the first of its kind, fully automated, continuous withering system that has revolutionized tea processing. It involves two stages: Physical & Chemical withering. The machine also has automated leaf feeding and discharging arrangements. Efficient, automated controls, and resource-saving. Minimizes human workload, waste production, and costs.

The Wizard saves manual work, space, electricity, and other resources.

It has automatic controls that adapt to climatic conditions. It minimizes human workload efficiently and at the same time waste production and additional consumable costs.

Chemical Withering
Chemical Withering (CCW) or Organic withering is the first stage of withering where a leaf is kept fresh for 6-8 hours for desired biochemical changes to occur. WIZARD Withering Machine is designed to keep the green tea leaves fresh for up to 36 hours for biochemical changes to happen.

Physical Withering
Physical Withering (CPW) is the second step of withering where the moisture removal process takes about 2-3 hours (depending upon leaf quality and weather). Leaves become flaccid and ready for maceration.

Category: CTC Tea Machinery,Orthodox & Green Tea Machinery
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