Experience a new level of Tea Engineering

The Machine
Stalkex comes with two perforated, dimpled trays, adjustable feed hopper, driving pedestals with crankshaft, driving pulleys and arrangement for motor drive

The standard perforations in the aliminium dimpled trays are 4.76mm(3/16″) and 6.75mm (17/64″). The perforations can be changed to suit requirement

Steel fabricated trays: Hygienic and longer lasting

Machine mounted on iron base frame: No alignment problems and easy to prepare foundation

Much lighter and motor elegant

3.54m (11.61′)
1.2m (3.94′)
1.215m (4′)
2 HP/1000 RPM Motor
Crank Speed
205 RPM

Due to a continuous process of development the design is subject to change without notice.

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