Experience a new level of Tea Engineering

QUESTEA is specially designed for quality Green and Orthodox teas, and for trouble free operations. The Dryer consists of a 4’/6’ wide chamber with insulation walled construction and 3 tray circuits for 6-stage drying. Multi-pass of hot air results in higher heat transfer rate and reduced fuel consumption

Specially designed steel chain with rolling contact for high load carrying capacity

Adequately glass wool insulated chamber to minimize radiation losses

New edge folded trays with thicker tray tumblers ensure no bridging ofbig bulk

Aero dynamic over-ground plenum chamber ensures uniform distribution oflow velocity air to all sections ofdrier without any turbulence

Advanced electronic tripping arrangement provided to eliminate jamming oftrays

Variable speed drive pulley arrangement for flexible retention time

In-built feeder unit with spreader and leveler for uniform feed

Compatible with a variety ofhot air generators i.e. Oil firing/ Wood firing/ Coal firing

Machine can be fitted with Dust collection system(optional)

FullyAutomatic Control System (Optional) prevents under-firing/ over-firing ofteas despite fluctuations in wither percentage

QST 164
QST 204
QST 166
Drying Chamber Size
Drying area (in.sq.ft)
Water Evap. At 105c Kgs/hr
Output at 54-55% Dhool Moisture*

** Depends upon drier inlet temperature, altitude, drying temperature and manufacturing method of the factory
* 5 HP more needed when operating indirect heater to meet extra pressure drop in the hot air generator Due to a continuous process of development the design and specifications are subject to change without notice

Due to a continuous process of development the design is subject to change without notice.

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