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Hot Water Generator

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After successfully installing over 100 Dryers and Heaters for the Sri Lankan tea industry, TIGL introduces another new product – the

Hot Water Generator (HWG) specially for tea factories in Sri Lanka. To meet the growing need to modernise tea factories to produce quality tea at lowest cost, TIGL now offers the latest HWG taking care of complete heat requirement of tea processing from withering to drying. Our HWG's seamlessly fit on Conquest and Everest dryers and we offer complete turnkey services including design, supply and erection of energy efficient radiators, water pipe network and water treatment plant (if needed). HWG's specially suitable for large factories having more than 1 TPH of made tea production. Our service team in Sri Lanka will undertake the complete installation, commissioning and after sales service. The TIGL AQUARIUS system is forced circulation and fully automatic Hot Water Generator using forced circulation method. Hot water under pressure is circulated through in a closed loop through the heater and radiator where the heat is dissipated. The same hot water is recirculated through the coils for better heat utilization. The expansion and deaerator tanks ensure a pressureless and vapour free Aquarius system.

The HWG gives temperature upto 150ºC in the dryer. Since these temperatures are achieved at very low pressures, the system is capital cost effective and easy to use and maintain.

  • Salient Features & Advantages
  • Technical Specifications

Heat exchanger coils are made using TATA boiler quality tubes and for the five pass model 2 sets of heat exchanger coils are used.

Larger heat transfer surface, adequate flue gas pass & velocity gives increased heat transfer efficiency

Higher fluid flow rates through the heater coils improves the life of the coil and HWG to a great extent

Multiple ash collecting device at both the heat exchangers to collect almost all fly ash which can be removed during operation with great ease & thus provides

The Safeties and Controls

Digital electronic indicator cum controller for forward temperature for ID fan cut off

Digital electronic indicator cum controller for return temperature for ID fan cut off

Electronic stack temperature safety shuts off the unit in case of abnormally high temperature

Low levels switch controller in expansion / deaerator tank shuts off the unit in case of low hot water level in tank

Differential pressure switch shuts off unit in case of abnormal fluid flow conditions

Pressure gauge for pump pressure measurement

Pressure gauge for circuit pressure measurement

Audio visual alarm for abnormal operation conditions

Diesel engine for fluid circulation for standby (optional)

Due to a continuous process of development the design is subject to change without notice.