Experience a new level of Tea Engineering

WIZARD, the world’s first & most advanced Automated Continuous withering system has transformed traditional withering practices.

WIZARD converts batch process of tea to continuous process by incorporating Chemical and Physical Withering in two stages.

The machines have conveyorised Leaf Feed and Leaf discharge arrangement.

  • Area needed is 50% less compared to troughs
  • Power requirement half of conventional method
  • Low cost of withering
  • Consistent wither percentages in spite of varying ambient conditions
  • Leaf damage and wastage totally eliminated.
  • Labour cost and involvement almost zero
Cost of withering Standard 50 % of standard cost
Space Standard area 1/3 of standard area
Building construction Heavy and expensive Light and much less expensive
Power Standard units 50% of standard units
Labour Standard requirement 15% of standard requirement
Spreading Manual Automatic
Shuffling Manual Automatic
Spillage Large None
Leaf damage/wastage Yes Nil
Wither Uneven Even and consistent
Supervision and control Multi station and difficult Single point and easy
Quality of tea Inconsistent Absolutely consistent
Maintenance Constant and expensive Periodic and less expensive
Feed & Discharge Manual Conveyorized
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