Experience a new level of Tea Engineering

Sortea is a simple single tray sorter as against other multi-deck machines. It has an in-built feed hopper with adjustable discharge opening. Tea fed in this Hopper, flows forward over a set of stainless steel mesh trays due to to & fro motion imparted by a heavy duty eccentric crank shaft. With the aid of SS trays, the tea gets grades as it travels forward.

 Sorts different grades of tea simultaneously as per mesh size of customer choice

 Sliding, easily inter-changeable

 Bloom is retained due to less travel of tea

 No sharp ends, all edges rounded

 Adjustable chute ensures uniform tea flow

 Facilitates, easily inter-changeable

 Noiseless vibration free operation

 Stainless steel meshes ensure durability, hygiene and uniform grading

Available with/without PVC rollers for fibre extraction

Due to a continuous process of development the design is subject to change without notice.

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