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T&I Global Limited (TIGL) presents BLAZE, the truly energy efficient special alloy vertical tube bank air heater, specifically designed for low firing costs and minimum maintenance. Indigenously developed, BLAZE is the only heater made of fully fabricated High Alloy Steel tube banks, refractory brick arches and combustion chambers, thus eliminating castings and improving thermal efficiency.

Operating Principle

Flue gases drawn by an induced draught created over the grate by the ID fan and chimney, passes at critical velocities through a set of vertical tubes placed on either side of the grate, and this ensures optimum heat transfer in each pass. Ambient fresh air drawn from the back of the heater

 Optimum heat transfer due to the unique ‘high temperature resistant’ SS and alloy steel tube bank combination

 Improved tube bank design and optimum fuel combustion rates ensure at least 15-20% reduction in fuel consumption

 Vertical design ensures less scale/soot formation inside the tubes and enables easy cleaning

 Minimal recurring maintenance cost since all parts are fully fabricated with heavy duty steel

 Unique construction ensures easy and faster installation while reducing down time

 Temperature control Unit for maintaining uniform temperature to dryer

 Compact design for optimum floor space economy

 Suitable for all dryers (Conventional , VFBD, Combination)

 Truly multi fuel, can be operated with solid fuels like coal, leco, firewood, briquettes, bagasse, etc

 No replacement of CI arches and other castings

 Four Pass and Five Pass versions available.

Grate Area 0.8 sq.m 1.0 Sq. M 1.2 Sq. M 2.1 Sq. M 2.6 Sq. M 3.6 Sq.m
Coal burning capacity/hour 40-50 Kgs 80-100 Kgs 120-160 Kgs 200-250 Kgs 260-310 Kgs 270-340 Kgs
Heat generation capacity/

hour using Chain Grate Stoker

2.5 lacs Kcal 5.00 Lacs Kcal 7.00 Lacs Kcal 11.00 Lacs Kcal 13.00 lacs Kcal 15.00 lacs Kcal
Max. heat generation



3 Lacs Kcal 6.00 Lacs Kcal 9.60 Lacs Kcal 15.00 Lacs Kcal 18.60 Lacs Kcal 20.6 Lacs Kcal
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 3200 x 2650 x 2510 5770x3930x2510 6270x3930x2510 7380x4530x2510 8010x4530x2510 8800 x 5600 x 2510

** Depends upon drier inlet temperature, altitude, drying temperature and manufacturing method of the factory
* 5 HP more needed when operating indirect heater to meet extra pressure drop in the hot air generator Due to a continuous process of development the design and specifications are subject to change without notice

Due to a continuous process of development the design is subject to change without notice.

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